„Grabowski” case

Facing the necessity of defending the good name of Poles, often nameless, murdered for helping the Jews –  the Polish League Against Defamation together with the cooperating scholars strongly object to the activities and statements of Jan Grabowski, a historian lecturing at the University of Ottawa. In his numerous publications and public statements he falsifies the history of Poland, proclaiming the thesis that Poles are complicit in the extermination of Jews.

Jan Grabowski is an internationally-renowned Holocaust researcher who shares opinions consistent with Jan Tomasz Gross and Barbara Engelking. The main theses of his works and media statements show the Poles as complicit in the crimes of the Holocaust and are postwar continuators of the genocidal German actions, manifested by the so-called Kielce pogrom. The historian expresses the accusations of the lack of any actions by Polish authorities against the extermination of Jews and suggests that the Poles benefited from the tragic Jewish fate and constituted the only connection with the German occupier.