Against Facebook over discrimination for political outlook and religious believes/ 2017/ ongoing

In November 2016, Maciej Świrski filed a lawsuit with the Regional Court in Warsaw against Facebook. He accuses the company of discrimination against political affiliation, outlook on life, and religion, demanding that Facebook be forbidden to use censorship, discriminate and restrict freedom of information.

By blocking information on the basis of criteria that can be considered as discriminatory, Facebook violated the right to obtain information and have access to reliable and true content, free from external interference, as well as to freedom of communication and to dignity.

The lawsuit is supported by evidence which shows that Facebook does not block any content that propagates communist totalitarianism, nor any profiles which use communist symbols. But it is quick to block photographs showing, or events commemorating, the Cursed Soldiers, or Catholic or national events.

This raises questions about the criteria for content removal, which discriminate against users on the grounds of their beliefs, outlook on life, and religion.

The lawsuit is against both the mother-company based in the USA, and the daughter-company based in Ireland.